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Fill Your World with Good Contest

Teens from all across Colorado are working to fill the world with good. To help celebrate we’re giving away free weekly prizes!

Fill Your World with Good Contest
Empowering youth to make healthy
connections, decisions and change


Rise Above Colorado is a statewide prevention organization that measurably impacts teen perceptions and attitudes about the risks of substance misuse to help youth make empowered, healthy choices. Our vision is youth who realize their full potential.

This requires more than “just say no.” It requires lots of skills, information, and a safe space to ask questions and share stories, thoughts and feelings. The Rise Above Colorado Teen Action Council seized the opportunity of creating a website with interactive features to support teens’ wellness and potential. So, welcome and please engage with us by posting your comments, questions and stories!


How To

Rise Above


Despite what much of media tells us, teens make awesome choices every day! But, rising above is not always an easy thing. With all of life’s challenges, navigating unexpected turns can be really hard and staying on point with one’s purpose gets harder and harder. Maintaining the strength and awareness of all the potential that life holds for each of us requires great skill and support. That is why we have created a “toolbox” section of this site, called How To Rise Above. Some pages share skills we’ve tested out to handle challenges we’ve experienced and others are about skills we use to cultivate strength and possibility every day. To sharpen your tools to Rise Above, EXPLORE HERE


Straight Dope

Explore the real facts about substances.
See the Numbers and learn how most Colorado teens are making healthy decisions about substances.


Fill Your World with Good is a social norming campaign based on the survey responses from teens across Colorado, who choose to Fill Their World with Good instead of misusing drugs and alcohol.

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You can also join the movement by using the #IRiseAbove tag when you post photos to Instagram - we want to see how YOU rise above and fill our world with good!

Since launching in 2014, over 15,000 Colorado teens have posted photos and videos to social media showing how they rise above. The movement continues to grow with teens using the hashtag when celebrating their lives and with the creation of new #IRiseAbove murals in communities all across our state.