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This space is for you, and all teens across Colorado, to express and explore what it means to rise above the pressures and stresses we all face. We are a community that encompasses acceptance, kindness, positivity, and authenticity. Whether your expression addresses rising above a dark time, like addiction to a drug or depression, or rising above by sharing positivity and empowerment through your community, this is your space. Through your stories, poetry, photos, videos, murals, music, etc., you will be contributing to the #IRiseAbove movement and ensuring that throughout Colorado, Together We Rise!

Q & A about the Process

This is a safe space. You are not required to attach your name or any identifiable information to your piece, though you are welcome to share your name, hometown, graduation class and/or a picture if you choose. Your story matters and you can share it on your terms.

As always, when publicly sharing information on the internet, please use extreme caution before disclosing personal details such as your name, the names of family and friends, your telephone number, home address or email address.

We ask that you share content that connects your thoughts and feelings to the real issues we all face- including the life-affirming choices teens like yourself make every day Examples of this might include personal experiences, inspirational moments, life hacks to help with stress, or stories of you and/or your friends making a difference in the lives of others.
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